Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shangri L.A foxyd review

By Dave Miller :

High Wolf casts his spell again with “Shangri L.A.” With each release he enchants us with his shamanic witchcraft, and this new one is especially charming. The best thing about this disc is the new-age fusion of tribal primitivism and eastern enlightenment. It is the perfect alchemical blend of musical philosophies from various continents. I feel like the two elements of his usual concoctions are a little stronger in dose than usual though. It seems it’s a little rawer than before and the repetition of the psychedelic sensations is as mesmerizing as ever. A totally hypnotic elixir for those ill from busy lives and angst. Pure medicinal escapism bottled and prescribed with each dose of these entrancing mysteries.

The CD itself is a collection of six tracks, two of which are carryovers from HW’s earlier “Gabon” tape release. This native of the Amazon houses his exotic vibes in an oversized gatefold edition of 500. Over 43 minutes of spacey, far-out tropical ritual. The cool art seems inspired by healing tropical foliage. Join the tribe or get out of the jungle.


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