Monday, October 25, 2010

Incapulco Lp review

Norman Records reviews "Incapulco" LP

Now, If you've been observant, little lads and ladies, you will have noticed we've had this available on Cd-r courtesy of Winged Sun already. Well, now it gets a full LP release which is more than likely due to the success of the excellent 'Ascension' and 'Shangri LA' LP's. I like High Wolf. In this age of power jamming without friends and space improv in space world, we find ourselves living in High Wolf make a lot of sense. Plus, this French dude is like, really good at, you know...jammin' man. He's got the trance-like spiritual fantasy groove down to a tee. There's plenty of rudimentary percussion, spaced-out keyboards, wahtar (that's wah wah guitar), delayed vocal-ism and ritualistic vibes to keep you mushi-heads and marioBONGS going for many years to come. Imagine a hyperactive version of Sun Araw with the same musical agenda but showing slightly less restraint and you wouldn't be far of a decent description of what's going on here. Like Sun Araw and the like, he has almost certainly spent a lot of time listening to Vibracathedral Orchestra and watching Predator.


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