Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live Shows

Ghent 20/04/10

Den Haag 18/04/10

Brussels 22/04/10

Iibiis Rooge, Den Haag 17/04/10

Rennes 03 / 04 / 09

Cherbourg 04 / 04 / 09


March 19th, SXSW Dublab showcase, Austin

March 18th, The hideout, SXSW Not Not Fun showcase, Austin

March 18th, International Tapes showcase, Austin

March 17th, Brave New Books / SXSW NNA Tapes Showcase, Austin

March 12th, Landslide, Los Angeles, feat Deep Magic & Sadistic Candle

March 8th, Public Fiction, Los Angeles, featuring Sun Araw, Deep Magic, Sadistic Candle et M.Geddes Gendras

February 22nd, Hemlock, San Francisco, feat Jefre Cantu, Psychic Handbook, Sean Johanessen

February 21st, Life Changing Ministry, Oakland, feat Psychic Handbook & Sean Johanessen

February 19th, Silver Tiger, Berkeley, feat Psychic Handbook, Sean Johanessen & Rob Magill

February 16th, Villanova, Davis, feat Sean Johanessen & Davy Bui

February 13th, Loft, Arcata, feat Starving Weirdos

Feburary 10th, Substation, Portland, feat Plankton Wat & Super Minerals

February 6th, 46th ave, Portland, feat Plankton Wat & Super Minerals

February 4th, Cairo, Seattle, feat Panabrite

January 23rd, Booze Cooperativa, Athens, feat Lunar Miasmah, Bruised Lee


November 22nd, The Lexington, London, feat Gnod, Ananas Pyramidalis

November 20, 2010, The Fuel, Manchester, feat Gnod, Astral Social Club, Pascal Nichols

November 12, 2010, Club Setubalense, Lisbonne, feat G.Goncalvez, P. Magina, P.Y2K

October 29, 2010, Grnnd Zero, Lyon, feat Archers by the sea, Motherfucking, Holy Strays

September 29, 2010, Vacant, Tokyo, feat Topping Bottoms

September 25, 2010, Morgana, Tokyo, feat Topping Bottoms

September 24, 2010, Secret Show, Tokyo, feat Topping Bottoms

September 18, 2010, Moremorepotch, Kanazawa, feat Topping Bottoms & Asuna

September 14, 2010, Bears, feat Topping Bottoms

September 11, 2010, Daytribe, Nagoya, feat Topping Bottoms

September 8, 2010, Sunsui, Osaka, feat Topping Bottoms

September 4, 2010, Superdeluxe, Tokyo, feat Topping Bottoms

30/06/10, Sandbar, Manchester, feat Gnod, Astral Social Club and Ananas Pyramidalis

28/06/10, 60 million postcards, Bournemouth, feat Yaard and Ananas Pyramidalis

25/06/10, Culture Lab, Newcastle, Feat Ananas Pyramidalis

24/06/10, The 13th note, Glasgow, Feat Nackt Insecten and Ananas Pyramidalis

23/06/10 Canon's gate, Edimburgh, Feat Ananas Pyramidalis

22/06/10, Chameleon, Nottingham, Feat Ananas Pyramidalis

15/06/2010, Grand Théâtre, Angers, High Wolf featuring Chicaloyoh

22/04/2010 L'Ecurie, Brussels, High Wolf featuring Bear Bones Lay Low

20/04/2010 Atelier Tibet, Ghent, High Wolf featuring Hellvete

17/04/2010 Maakhaven, Den Haag, High Wolf featuring City Hands

05/04/09 Le Pixi, Paris, Festival Black Mass Rising, featuring Gnod

04/04/2010 L'Epicentre, Cherbourg, High Wolf featuring Gnod & Chicayoloh

03/04/2010 La Bascule, Rennes, High Wolf featuring Chicayoloh


22/06/2009 Ocii, Amsterdam, High Wolf featuring Uton & Ben Reynolds. Opening for Pocahaunted & Sun Araw

20/06/2009 The Luminaire, London, High Wolf featuring Uton. Opening for Pocahaunted & Sun Araw.


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